Eleanor Johnson – MSc Student, University of Portsmouth

Eleanor completed her undergraduate degree in Geography at the University of Portsmouth. She is now studying for an MSc in Coastal and Marine Resource Management and her interests have become orientated towards the sustainability of the planet’s oceans and marine life. Since being a child Eleanor has enjoyed spending time in the marine environment and as she grew older, she noticed how humans were negatively impacting this pristine environment, through waste and plastic pollution. Now she wants to become part of the change to see humans treating marine environments with more respect, with the knowledge that their actions have consequences on marine life and habitats.

Research Project

Langstone Harbour is an area of significant ecological importance and microplastics not only negatively impact the environment aesthetics but can also be a physical hazard which can also impact on human health. That negative impact could affect local businesses, recreational activities and the local tourism industry. Using online questionnaires and targeted semi-structured interviews, this research aims to gain an understanding of the perceptions and attitudes of the many user groups who undertake recreational activities within the harbour towards the issue of microplastics. In doing so it is hoped that this research will heighten community awareness and potentially influence the development of appropriate interventions to reduce the input of microplastics into the area.

Microplastics: Perceptions and attitudes of recreational users of Langstone Harbour – Final Report

Perceptions of recreational users of Langstone Harbour towards microplastics – update

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