Charlotte Richardson – MSc Student, University of Portsmouth

Charlotte obtained her honours undergraduate degree in Physical Geography at the University of Portsmouth and is now studying to gain an MSc in Coastal and Marine Resource Management. Charlotte’s childhood dream had been to work in the conservation of animals and the environment. She has seen the change in water pollution over the years and, in particular, the adverse effects plastic pollution has on the coast and seashore. Due to her father’s interest in boats and her love of the sea, she began to find purpose in making sure that the sea is well protected.

Research Project

The overall aim of Charlotte’s study is, to critically evaluate the attitudes and perceptions of members of The Friends of Chichester Harbour (FOCH), a local volunteer charity, towards microplastics within the Chichester Harbour waters. There are a number of objectives that will be achieved. Firstly it will examine the diversity within the demographic of the charity with regards to activities and values.  Secondly it will establish the degree of knowledge participants have of the amount and implications of microplastics. Finally, it will determine level of support for marine management plans to reduce microplastics in the environment.

This research will be help to inform businesses and organisations as to how microplastics are affecting stakeholder perceptions which could lead to changes in ongoing and future management policies in the future.

Perceptions of Coastal Communities towards Microplastics – Final Report

Perceptions of Coastal Communities towards Microplastics – Update

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