“In years gone by, we would just take, take, take from the oceans but today we realise this is not an option, that the oceans keep us alive, and that we need to tread more carefully. This is now both a governance issue and a choice issue. “

Dr Sylvia Earle

Over the years fishing methods have changed dramatically with new technology. Huge factory ships and trawlers means that fishing vessels can catch enormous quantities in one go.  These modern trawling methods do not differentiate between species and by-catch is devastating the numbers of fish in the ocean and wreaking havoc to the ocean floor.

An ever increasing demand, new technologies and difficulties in managing Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction have resulted in many species being over exploited.

With proper management, fish stocks can recover.  The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna was so in demand for the sushi and sashimi markets that it was spiralling towards extinction.  However, proper management techniques and a 15 year recovery plan have seen it bounce backs to a population that is sustainable.

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