“The secret of getting things done is to act”

Dante Alighieri

There is no single solution to solving the issues facing the oceans today.  Every problem will require its own strategic mix of ideas, research, policies and commitments.  Many of these will be small scale, localised behavioural changes, whereas others could be much larger initiatives such as the introduction of new waste management procedures.

We want to play a role by supporting these initiatives and as a result we are constantly coming up with new projects and ideas that can not only raise awareness, but also educate, inform and change behaviour in order to protect the ocean.  We are actively involved in undertaking and supporting scientific research.  Our Big Microplastics Survey for example is an ambitious collaboration between Just Ocean Ocean and the University of Portsmouth that is taking that scientific research work to a global level. However at  the same time as conducting our own research we also want to be able to support other scientists, film makers, photographers, writers and artists. In fact anyone who wants to raise awareness of ocean issues and help to protect our ocean for future generations.

This page gives you some idea of the work we are involved in as well as some of our completed project work.

Sorting nurdles

Zanzibar Ocean Protection Foundation

Chichester Harbour plastic

Microplastic Survey Comparative Study

The 66 Degrees North Expedition

Neal Layton – Planet Full of Plastic

Love Southsea Respect Southsea

Love Southsea Respect Southsea

The Big Microplastic Survey

Children playing at Tops

Tops Day Nurseries

Completed Projects

surveying microplastic west wittering

Chichester Harbour Microplastic Survey – Phase 2

Everyone cleaning microplastics at Hayling

Hayling Island Microplastics Clean-up

Chichester Harbour

Chichester Harbour Microplastic Survey

Bottles on the bottom of the lake

Cleaning Lake Windemere

Grassholm island

Gannets Choked by Plastic

Michael Pitts filming Tanya Streeter for A Plastic Ocean

A Plastic Ocean – The Film