Portsmouth is lovely

It is a vibrant and friendly city with a strong sense of identity.  It has a lovely beach and a beautiful common that residents and visitors can enjoy, especially in the summer months.  However, over recent years there has been a change in behaviour that results in these lovely areas being left looking like a rubbish tip at the end of every weekend when the sun comes out. Cleaning just Southsea Common on its own costs the Council over £22k every year, money that could be spent more usefully elsewhere.

Nothing ever changes

Every year people complain about the rubbish that is left behind.  Every year the council get the blame.  Every year the newspapers report how bad it is.  But nothing changes.

If we are going to change the current situation then two things need to happen.  Firstly, there needs to be a change in behaviour by the people using the beach and the common. Secondly there needs to be an alternative solution to the existing waste management processes.

Make a Difference

Portsmouth is a fantastic city for residents and visitors alike. Our hope is that this campaign will raise awareness and encourage people to respect the Common and take pride in our amazing city. What are you going to do to help?

Southsea common plastic

The Proud of Portsmouth Campaign

In order to bring about change we have launched the ‘Proud of Portsmouth’ campaign along with Plastic Free Portsmouth and several other organisations.  The aim of this campaign is to bring together key stakeholders, develop an action plan for a sustainable and economically viable alternative to what currently exists and change peoples behaviour.

Key stakeholders include schools and the university, local government, waste management organisations, local businesses, environmental organisations and most importantly, the general public.  Everyone has an interest and together we can solve the issue.

If you would like to join us in this campaign please get in touch.

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