Fast fashion is a big problem. You may not realise it, but the clothes you are wearing could inadvertently be causing harm to the ocean environment. The fashion industry is actually one of the biggest contributors of microplastics into the ocean and it is also responsible for huge amounts of carbon getting into the atmosphere. Did you know for example that pollution from the fashion industry has contributed to a 76% decline in average freshwater fish populations worldwide.

The problem is an industry business model called ‘Fast Fashion’ which has been evolving since the 1980’s. It involves quick turnarounds with lower prices, rapid reactions to new styles and increased numbers of new fashion collection.  Fast fashion business models entice over consumption, the production of cheap low quality clothes and excessive waste.

The Fashion Fish project was an amibitious project deigned to raise awareness about the problems being cause by the fast fashion industry on the oceans and marine ecosystems. Working alongside a team of dedicated and talented designers and project producers, all of whom gave their time and expertise for free, we opened a pop-up boutique in Soho, London.

Pre-opening publicity for the opening of the luxury boutique announced new ‘brands’ all of which offered something ‘different’.  Once the doors opened what was actually in the boutique were fish tanks containing ‘designer’ fish.

Fashion fish was born to challenge leading fashion brands to manufacture their products more sustainably and to raise awareness of the harm our shopping habits have on ocean life. During the week of the campaign we had lots of visitors and the eye catching display did much to educate and communicate the scale of the issue to the general public. The parody branding images continue to send a message.

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