Late 2018 we were contacted by Haroun, an English teacher from Zanzibar. He had been working as a snorkel guide for a local dive shop and was shocked about the state of the reefs, the fishing practices used by local fishermen, and the trash on the beaches of his island, Zanzibar.  He tried talking to the fishermen and the local people by explaining the fragility of the environment and its ecosystems and the need to keep them clean and in good health. He realized that most people he spoke to didn’t know the importance of a healthy environment nor that their behaviour was affecting the environment in such a detrimental way. Haroun decided he needed to take action! He started a project of raising awareness through education.

During the last months of 2018 Haroun visited several schools in the local area. He gave presentations and took the kids out to the beach for a beach clean so they could see in real life what he was teaching during his presentations. The response he received was overwhelmingly positive and as a result many people joined his project. A movement called the Zanzibar Ocean Protection Foundation, was born!

Encouraged by the positive response Haroun decided he needed bigger plans and consequently, money. He contacted Just One Ocean to ask for help. We liked Haroun’s enthusiasm and the fact that this is a local project focused on education which is essential to solve the ocean pollution issues. We also love the fact that kids actually get to clean a local beach so they can see the difference that their actions make.

Haroun is ambitious when it comes to raising awareness and cleaning up the island’s beaches, he wants to take his presentation and beach cleans to the entire island of Zanzibar.  The plan for 2019 is to visit 40 schools and do 27 beach cleanups. He needs beach cleaning materials (rakes, gloves, buckets, etc) and teaching materials (laptop, microphone, projector). They will also need to organize transportation to get around. The entire 2019 project is budgeted at around UD$1500. This is where you come in.

We need your donations to make this happen in Zanzibar. You can donate directly to support the work Haroun and his friends are to by going to the donate button below.  All funds collected will go towards Haroun’s project and we will keep you updated through our social media platforms.

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