I love good causes especially those that reach millions of people. I even donate to them and encourage everyone to do so. They are uplifting, good for the soul and can bring in huge amounts of financial support to organisations that otherwise might not get noticed. There is no denying that charity ‘events’ like Comic Relief and Children in Need have done much for communities, individuals and organisations. I don’t want to stop that, neither am I trying to be the party pooper.

But this is 2019!!! We are now facing more climatic and environmental challenges than ever before. The pressures that anthropogenic activities are placing on ecosystems and biodiversity both on land and in the ocean are at a critical point.  It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that this is at the forefront of our minds and that includes well meaning charitable causes. A cursory glance at the research will tell you that biodegradable doesn’t mean that it is a particularly environmentally friendly product. In fact the lack of adequate commercial composting facilities probably makes it even more of an issue. And just because something will ‘degrade’ in a year or two, rather than 200, doesn’t mean that in that short space of time it will not harm an animal or somehow interact in the environment in a detrimental manner. Just because someone writes on a balloon “I AM GREEN” it doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does.

So while I support the work you do, I also urge you to do your homework. You have the resources and there are plenty of people (like us) who can provide you with advice should you need it. Throw away plastics and balloons are no longer appropriate, no matter what the cause.

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