Bazoo – The World’s First and Only Carbon Negative Toilet Paper!

Bazoo have just launched a toilet paper range of 100% FSC certified bamboo. Using bamboo in toilet paper is a lot more sustainable than regular or recycled toilet paper. The bamboo naturally grows and is harvested much more sustainably than regular hardwood trees, and uses less carbon emissions in its manufacturing process. However, the reality is there are always carbon emissions released, even if Bazoo are using the sustainable super-plant bamboo, and this is why they offset 200% of the emissions they emit.

This means that every time someone purchases a box of Bazoo toilet paper, they are physically removing carbon emissions from the earth’s atmosphere. Bazoo first reduce their emissions as much as possible, before calculating and offsetting 200% of their remaining emissions with Climate Care. They are simply offsetting more carbon than they emit!

Bazoo is also 100% FSC certified which means that the workers and their conditions whilst manufacturing the bamboo toilet paper is meets all working standards; gender equal pay, support for workers’ families, equal human rights and exceeds health and safety regulations.

Bazoo was co-founded and started by Tom and Sanmarie, two graduates from Exeter University. They were longing to make an impactful change to our earth’s atmosphere and all of the species within it. They researched the devastating impact that regular toilet paper has on the environment, such as global deforestation and large amounts of carbon emissions adding to the world’s climate crisis.

Bazoo is donating 10% of its profits to two partner charities, one of which is Just One Ocean. Bazoo will support Just One Ocean’s mission to protect the ocean for future generations.

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