In early October we received a lovely email from Sophie Gibbs about her daughter who had decided that she wanted to clean the beaches at Southsea. She wrote, “My beautiful kind-natured daughter is very passionate about the environment…having decided at 6 years old to become a vegetarian and is often teaching us where we are going wrong with our attitudes at home. She has decided to take action and we would love your support to make it happen. The poster is attached that she made and would love you to help circulate it.”

We thought this was wonderful and posted information about the beach clean on our various social media pages. The result was that loads of youngsters turned up  to lend a hand.

To be honest we can’t say enough good things about today’s beach clean in Southsea and about Rosie and her attitude to the environment. If we were all a bit more like Rosie the planet would be a better place.
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