In 2019 we delighted to help support MSc student Emma Bell in her research into Beaked Whales in the Bay of Biscay. Her research was undertaken in collaboration with ORCA and used citizen science data to track and map the locations of Beaked Whales using citizen science observations. From our perspective this was a great project to support as it was making a contribution to our scientific knowledge that could potentially help in management policies and it also had a significant amount of public engagement – both of these factors are important to our mission and the work we do.

Earlier in 2022 we were really pleased to see that Emma’s research was published in Hyrobiologia, the Research Journal of Aquatic Sciences. The research found that Beaked Whales were, “Recorded in each of the eight surveyed months, suggesting that beaked whales may be present year-round, with increased encounter rates in summer months.” This study was the first to indicate that beaked whales may persist in this area throughout the year, which is important information for appropriate management.

You can read the full article by following the link above. From our perspective it is great to see our support of scientific research coming to fruition.

Image Credit: Sue Forbes and

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