We were delighted to have taken part in the first meeting of partners in the Plastic Health Coalition in Amsterdam recently. The aim of the coalition is to focus on those numerous issues affecting human health. Plastic pollution is having a devastating affect on ecosystems and the environment, but it is also having a significant impact on us. Perhaps the most worrying thing about the impact of plastics on humans is what we don’t know, rather than what we do.


The coalition and the conference has brought together organisations from across Europe and the US with a common goal –  to share knowledge, highlight gaps in our understanding, and support research into plastics and human health.  Together the coalition is working on more research, prevention, and solutions with each organisation contributing from its own area of expertise.

The coalition is no working towards a summit to be held in October 2019 that will bring together experts in the fields of health and plastic future in order to work towards a future where plastic does not impact on human health.

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