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Exe Endurow is the name of a team of four young men who are planning to row around Britain in June 2020 in support of Just One Ocean. If successful they will become the youngest ever team to have completed what is often referred to as the toughest rowing race in the world. Even more remarkable is the fact that before they decided to attempt this challenge, NONE of them had rowed before.

The GB Row Challenge is a non-stop, unsupported rowing race around the UK mainland, setting off from Tower Bridge on the 1st June.  It’s a formidable race that will see the team face all manner of dangers and obstacles, both physical and mental.

How Difficult is this Race?

Just to give you some idea  as to the scale of the task these four men have in front of them, here are a few facts and figures.

  • They will be living on a cramped boat for up to 30 days with no support from the shore or other vessels. They have to take everything they need for the duration of the challenge
  • They will face unpredictable coastal weather and some of the strongest tides in the world
  • Due to amount of energy they will use they will be working on a calorie deficit as the race progresses. Water will be produced by a solar still and dehydration is a possibility
  • They will have to navigate through some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world
  • The boat will keep moving 24 hours a day and sleep deprivation is inevitable


The team will need to raise £50,000 just to be able to get to the start line so sponsorship is essential if this challenge is to succeed. On top of that the team are trying to raise fund for the work that we do.

This race offers plenty of high profile sponsorship opportunities. You can join the 250 club in order to get your name printed on the boat, or you may want to be more prominent in your support. To find out more about how you can be involved in this ambitious challenge contact the team directly, or alternatively, go to their Just Giving Page

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