Plastic Pollution


Did you know that we are currently allowing around 8 million tonnes of plastic to get into our oceans every year and it’s having a terrible impact on ocean wildlife, the environment, our well-being and ultimately our health?

“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you are connected to the sea. No matter where you live

Dr Sylvia Earle

Dr Sylvia Earle

We are removing fish from our oceans at an unsustainable rate.  If we don’t manage our fish stocks better are going to run out and some species may become extinct

Over Fishing


“The whole of the eco systems of the world are based on the healthy ocean and if that part of the planet becomes dysfunctional and goes wrong, then the whole of life on this planet will suffer”

Sir David Attenborough

Marine Habitat Destruction


The ocean is essential for our very survival, yet we treat it with neglect.  Fragile ecosystems like coral reefs are susceptible to the smallest climate change and pollution.  The impact of not having coral reefs is unimaginable.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow, by evading it today”

Abraham Lincoln


Dried Seahorses – Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Dried seahorses are used widely in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is thought that they can cure asthma, skin infections, impotence and can act as a natural Viagra. These beliefs…
Conducting a microplastic survey on Hayling Island

Hayling Island Volunteer Day

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On Wednesday the 24th of July the Just One Ocean team and nine volunteers headed to Hayling Island, Hampshire, to conduct a Big Microplastic Survey. On a previous visit we…

Hello to our new interns

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We are really delighted to welcome our new interns to the Just One Ocean family.  Taela-Rae and Lucy have  finished their degrees at University of Portsmouth (with 1st Class Honours…