“No Water, no life. No blue, no green”

Dr Sylvia Earle

Critical Aspects

The three most critical are over fishing, marine debris and habitat destruction.  All of these are contributing to the destruction of marine ecosystems and the reduction of biodiversity.  They will also, inevitably have an impact on human health, well being and survival.  Alongside these critical aspects that  be highlighted we believe that that others that must be addressed.  Cetaceans have no place in captivity and the notion that it is acceptable to continue to keep Orcas and Dolphins in small tanks for entertainment is outdated and barbaric.  Shark finning to meet an insatiable market that is based on social status rather than nutritional requirements must also come to an end as must the slaughter of whales and dolphins for food, or ‘research’.

Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution is choking our oceans, destroying the environment and harming human health

Cetaceans in Captivity

Dolphins and Orcas do not belong in aquariums and amusement parks


Fish stocks are at a critical level

Habitat Destruction

Rising sea temperatures and pollution are contributing to habitat destruction and biodiversity loss


Whaling no longer has a place in modern society

Shark Finning

Shark numbers are down to critical levels mainly due to shark finning